what length paddleboard should i get

SUP Paddle Length Recommendations The sizes and lengths in this chart are recommendations only. Your personal preference in paddle length may be different. We recommend paddling and testing various lengths before ordering.

Are you looking to purchase your first stand up paddle board, but are not sure what size you need? The decision of what size stand up paddle board to buy involves many factors. Paddle boards have a variety of features and specifications you will need to research before making a purchase. What size stand up paddle board should I get?

You know you want to get in on this exciting hobby. But the question you’re likely asking yourself is, “what kind of boat.

Check out our SUP SIZE & WEIGHT CHART to find out what size paddle board is best for you. SUP Hull Types. Another aspect to consider as part of the SUP size is the design of your board’s hull. The hull will also determine the characteristics of how your board performs in water. The two most common types of paddle board hulls are:

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"What Size Paddle Board should I get?" In conclusion. For an all-around leisure cruiser type of paddle board your board should be 10-12 feet long and 31-33 inches wide. You want plenty of float or volume. The easiest way to see if your board has enough volume is to check the maximum weight capacity or weight limit.

Boards spanning nine to 12 feet in length are categorized as being medium length and are perfect for all around use. This type of board might be used on calm lakes, or to go surfing. Boards spanning 12 to 14 feet in length are categorized as long boards and are preferred for long-distance touring or racing.

Stand up Paddle board size: 3 Things to Know This photo of Jack Gillen only shows part of his quiver and he rides them all! The luxury of a standup paddle board quiver assures that you always have the perfect board for the site and conditions of the day and for who you are.

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