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The Ten Toes 10′ Weekender comes in nine different color schemes, so you can get one that matches your personal style and couples don’t have to worry about having two identical boards. When deflated, it rolls up to a compact 11 x 36 inches for easy portability and storage.

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Overall, the Ten Toes theWEEKENDER inflatable stand up paddle board has a very functional design that makes is very easy to manage and provides great stability, especially if you’re a beginner. It is virtually indestructible because it’s made with military-grade PVC and is also extremely portable.

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The Peak All-Around Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board is the go-to board for all skill levels – whether you’re a seasoned pro or testing out the paddle boarding waters for the first time. The 10-foot, 6-inch board only weighs 23 pounds and comes with a nose carry handle and front bungee system to hold down your gear.

SUP Instructor Explains Switch to All Inflatable Fleet of Red Paddle Co and Earth River SUP Boards – Duration: 3:54. Pumped Up SUP 93,601 views

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Comparable Boards to the ten toes weekender. If you find that the Ten Toes Weekender is still slightly small for all the dancing and jumping around you plan to do on the iSUP, then maybe you should consider the INFINITO SUP Copacabana iSUP! In looks, it’s the complete opposite of the Weekender with funky colors and patterns all over the place.

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Inflatable Paddle Board. We compared 10 noteworthy inflatable paddle boards over the last 3 years. discover which Inflatable paddle board matches you. You can also Search by board type, Brands, size and manufacturer or choose one of our Inflatable paddle board editorial picks.