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Glide has the largest and greenest SUP factory in the Americas. Nestled in Salt Lake City, Utah, Glide is committed to manufacturing high quality, ultra durable, eco friendly board right here in the USA. The vast majority of paddle board companies manufacture overseas, and even their employees have never seen a board m

POP Paddleboards designs lightweight, high-quality paddle boards and SUP board gear for riders of all types in all bodies of water.

Naish Stand Up Paddleboards are a combination of shape & form, color & materials, engineering & testing, quality & team, and imagery & history working together flawlessly. It’s the perfect blend of style, technology and function. At Naish we firmly believe that no matter what sport you choose, no matter how good you are or where you happen to live, that every day on the water is a good day.

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Warriors in parts of Africa stood up in dugout canoes and used their spears as paddles to move silently into enemy territory,

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BAT CAVE SUNSET KAYAK/SUP TOUR – Nickajack Cave Wildlife Refuge. Stop by the rope swing, rent a kayak or paddleboard and.

During Week 1, I will put out not only the 4A and 5A preseason top 10s, but also the Super 10, which becomes the teams I feel.

Paddle Boards Clearance, Stand Up Paddleboard 10/12′ SUP 6" Thick Non-Slip Deck with with Free Premium SUP Accessories, Backpack, Adjustable Paddle, Hand Pump and Repair Kit, for Youth & Adult, S10201

We’re going to cover the best stand up paddle boards that are good for the ocean, flat water, surfing, fishing and of course beginners. With so many SUPs on the market it can be confusing, so we’re going to help you choose the right one for you. If you are in the market for an inflatable paddle board, see my reviews of iSUPs here.

The Adventure Paddleboarding Inflatable All Rounder stand up paddleboard (SUP) is an affordable, go-anywhere SUP package designed for paddlers of all weights and experience levels. Everything on this board has been designed to balance performance with fun and convenience.

Creed SUP-Talon 11 – Surf and flatwater hybrid paddleboard -newkon graphics real Bamboo veneer, with amazing high definition graphics easy grip handle, self adjusting valve, View More Creed SUP-Talon 11 – Surf and flatwater hybrid paddleboard -Newkon Graphics