paddleboarding strokes

Stroke technique is what paddleboarding is all about whether you're racing, running rivers, downwinding, touring or just cruising around your favorite waterway.

Stroke across the water as you stand upon a surfboard. Admire the beauty of your surroundings while paddleboarding on the Delaware River and Lake Wallenpaupack. SUP is a low-impact sport and perfect for both adventure seekers and exercise enthusiasts alike.

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Propelling the standup paddleboard forward past the submerged paddle blade, also known as the power phase, is the section of a SUP stroke that most influences speed. Good stroke technique in this phase is paramount for a faster paddling experience.

Basic Strokes When on the water, you need to do three basic things in your boat: Go forward in a straight lineStop or go backwardsTurn There’s a stroke for all three. The forward stroke is the most basic and the one you’ll use most of the time.

Stand-up paddle-boarding, or SUP, is one of the world’s fastest growing. learning how to run rapids safely using advanced strokes. Stay in one of the on-site luxury wooden cabins, which come with.

Paddleboarding Basics and Terminology. Stance: In a comfortable paddleboarding stance you will want to have your feet shoulder length apart, toes facing the nose of the board. The key is to be light on your feet at the point of the stroke when you place the most power. Your weight should be distributed evenly when you paddle and beginners who are standing up for their first time should be.

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Stroke technique is what paddleboarding is all about whether you’re racing, running rivers, downwinding, touring or just cruising around your favorite waterway. We can break down the paddleboard stroke into three general phases: the catch phase, the power phase, and the release and recovery phase.

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Once the basics of how to paddle board have been mastered we can begin to add a little more power to the stroke. In this video SUP technique expert Sam Ross demonstrates how to improve your.

Paddleboard Stroke Techniques Place one hand on the grip of your paddle and the other on the shaft. Keep your arms straight and think of your arms and your paddle shaft as an equal sided triangle.