paddleboarders surrounded by sharks

And a few days before I had taken the photo of the dead seal, two paddleboarders had been cavorting with some. but that didn’t make much sense. basking sharks feed primarily on plankton. But guess.

Paddle-boarders in California are told by the Sheriff’s Department to leave the ocean calmly as they were surrounded by 15 great white sharks. Report by Sarah Duffy.

The adult fish dine on other sharks, seals, dolphins, and whatever else they can catch. watch paddleboarders surrounded by juvenile great white sharks in California in late June.

This incredible footage shows the moment five Great White sharks surrounded two bikini-clad paddleboarders. The awesome video was filmed by Mark Romanov and Forrest Galante off a beach in Southern.

This came from WeatherNation but it’s circulating quite a bit. It shows an Orange County helicopter hovering over a group of paddleboarders to warn them that there were shark – 12 Great Whites, in fact – swimming around them. If this happens to you, listen to the cops and get the hell out of the water.

A man on a Bahamas beach launched a drone to capture images of the breathtaking turquoise water, but caught more than he bargained for as sharks appeared to converge on a young boy. The drone,

Heart-pounding moment paddle boarders encounter great WHITE SHARKS in waters off California. A school of juvenile great whites have become renowned in the area after being spotted in the waters at.

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This eerie footage captured the moment that paddle-boarders were warned they were surrounded by a large group of great white sharks. aerial footage shot in a sheriff’s helicopter shows paddle.

DANA POINT, Calif. (AP) – A sheriff’s helicopter crew warned a group of paddle-boarders to get out of the ocean after spotting more than a dozen great white sharks along.

And it’s not the first time he’s seen sharks in those waters. ‘They were here quite often last summer and fall, then they seemed to disappear for a bit,’ he said. ‘And then I heard they were kind of.

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Being surrounded by sharks is truly terrifying, however, these paddleboarders remained calm when a group of great white sharks swims around them. They even managed to film the whole experience. Courtney Hemerick and Joseph Truckles have recorded a frightening yet fascinating moment of their life.