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This came from WeatherNation but it’s circulating quite a bit. It shows an Orange County helicopter hovering over a group of paddleboarders to warn them that there were shark – 12 Great Whites, in fact – swimming around them. If this happens to you, listen to the cops and get the hell out of the water.

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Watch Sheriffs Warn Paddleboarder He’s Surrounded By Great White Sharks. from the air had to warn a paddleboarder that he was surrounded by great white sharks.. to approximately 10 great.

"You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks." A sheriff department crew warned paddleboarders that they had company: there were more than a dozen sharks near them in the water.

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Heart-pounding moment paddle boarders encounter GREAT WHITE SHARKS in waters off California. A school of juvenile great whites have become renowned in the area after being spotted in the waters at.

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About 15 great white sharks were spotted along the southern california coast, sparking warnings to paddle-boarders (pictured) to get out of the water. police issued a 24-hour shark advisory.

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A DRONE has captured the chilling moment an unsuspecting beachgoer caught the attention of a great white shark while paddleboarding. CHILLING drone photos show an oblivious paddleboarder having a.

ORLEANS – It was a close encounter with a great white shark for a stand up paddle boarder Sunday – and he didn’t even know it. The man was on the board just off Nauset Beach in Orleans and noticed a drone hovering above him. When he returned to shore, the man was told the drone operator, Cody.