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sevylor paddleboard monarch My first inflatable paddleboard was a Sevylor Samoa made by Coleman. Although it’s not the most high-tech board out there, the price was right and its held up and performed well for many years.

"Attention in the water: This is the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.. You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks," the authorities warned.

In a still from a new video, a paddleboarder watches as a great white shark swims nearby.. "The sharks in the video are probably checking the paddlers out, with a level of curiosity but also.

A paddleboarder off the coast of Huntington Beach, California, got an unexpected surprise when he caught a shark on camera swimming right next to him. Danny Reid told abc news he was swimming in.

when he caught a shark swimming next to him on his underwater camera. "I filmed this on Saturday. I see them every time I paddleboard here in Sunset, and have witnessed them swim under my board a few.

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Helicopter crew: ‘You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks’. making announcements from a helicopter above the shark-infested waters.. to let you know that you are.

California paddleboarders found themselves in what resembled an outtake from ‘Jaws’ when the chilling announcement was made that they were just metres from a school of around 15 great white sharks.

stand up paddleboard vs kayak speed A lot of people seem to compare the stand up paddleboard to a kayak-and granted there are some similarities. But, I think that if you really look at it, the stand up board has so many more benefits and greatly outweighs a kayak. Here are the 10 Reasons a Stand Up Paddleboard is better than a kayak: 1. Perspective. On a kayak, you sit.

Paddleboard Fishing Tips. So if you do plan to fish from a paddleboard, here are two tips that can help you more efficiently catch fish: Make a rope that has a loop at the end as show in the video above.

A sheriff’s department helicopter crew warned paddleboarders in Southern California Wednesday that they had company: there were more than a dozen sharks near them in the water. The Orange County.

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Juvenile Great Whites in Huntington Beach California from a paddleboard on 6/26/2015 Filmed with a GOPRO. There were 5 or 6 Great Whites there that morning.. Mick Fanning opens up about shark.

A Florida man was paddleboarding during his lunch break Thursday when a shark nearly jumped onto the board. Maximo Trinidad captured the encounter at Carlin Park in Jupiter, Florida, on a camera he.

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