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Paddle Board Fishing | Paddle boards are quickly making their place in the market as a super versatile and affordable way to give everyone access to fishing and other water activities. I just recently got a taste and can’t wait to go back.

The Kaku Voodoo SUP is for the angler who wants to catch big fish from a paddle craft. At 35 inches wide, it has enough stability that you can stand on the seat for sight casting, but it still paddles well and has phenomenal tracking.

These paddle board fishing tips will help you prepare for this new type of angling adventure. The best way to get the most out of SUP fishing is to ensure you bring along all the proper gear, such as an anchor, stabilizers, a fishing net, and other supplies.

Besides being a great workout, fishing on a paddleboard enables you to access fishing spots that you would not with a boat. A fishing SUP board is also easier to carry around and you see fish better while standing as opposed to sitting.

The SipaBoards Fisherman is a voluminous SUP, with tons of space for a cooler and a tackle box. The quiet motor will take the paddler right to where the fish are biting without scaring them away. Dedicated rings are utilized for dropping anchor, attaching nets, or.

paddleboard tarpon The Tarpon 120 kayak is known for offering excellent glide and maneuverability, and great versatility for its trim size. Phase 3 airpro seating System and adjustable footpegs offer a comfortable and customizable fit SlideTrax accessory rail, bungee paddle holders, and molded mesh gear pockets

Perfect for beginner and intermediate paddlers and anglers, the ISLE sportsman inflatable fishing paddle Board is ideal not just for fishing but perfect for recreational paddling. At 27 pounds, it’s quite lightweight for a board that is 11’6" long. At 36 inches wide so it’s a pretty stable SUP and perfect for beginners.

SUP Fishing: Testing the stability of the Aqua Marina Drift Stand Up Paddle Board in the bay. août 18th, 2019 | by Matt Dumoulin Testing the stability of the Aqua Marina Drift Stand Up Paddle Board

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Fishing Paddle Boards. This sturdy fishing platform makes SUP fishing easy and fun! The latest Hammerstrength Technology from YOLO Board makes these Stand Up Paddle boards lighter and stronger, while offering superior stability and load capacity. YOLO’s Fishing SUP boards are great for larger riders, or anyone ready to gear up for the next adventure.