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Still, because nurse sharks are common I thought I would run a Sharkbanz up and down its lateral line a bunch of times and see what happened. I mounted the Sharkbanz on the end of a Go-Scope monopod and mounted a GoPro to capture what went on in the encounters. The shark seemed to be totally unaware of what was going on.

A man paddleboarding off Jupiter’s coast this week ended up getting a fintastic surprise. Maximo Trinidad, of Port St. Lucie, was stand up paddleboarding near Carlin Park during his lunch break Thursday, when he paddled right into a spinner shark.

A group of divers recorded their encounter with a great white shark off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.. If you encounter a great white shark, Allore says to avoid splashing and to stay calm.

A standup paddleboarder in Florida caught the moment he was knocked off his board by a shark on camera. CNN affiliate WPTV reports.

Guy surf paddle-boarding off the coast of Jupiter, FL gets knocked into the water because of a Spinner Shark! Skip navigation Sign in.. surfer paddle-boarding spinner Shark Encounter – FALLS.

Divers encounter great white shark off Jupiter. Great white sharks have been seen in the area this week.

The Dodo Archive Manatee Drops By To Say Hi To Girl On A Paddleboard. Celine Chasteen was out paddleboarding with a friend in Jupiter, Florida, this week when she had a rather surprise encounter with a local celebrity of sorts – a manatee, who seemed more than eager to make her acquaintance.

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Shark Viewing Trips are designed for families and groups of people that want to go out and see sharks in the wild without getting in the water!. Looking for an up-close and personal shark encounter without ever getting in the water?. Jupiter, FL 33477.

A standup paddleboarder in Jupiter, Florida had an awesome close encounter thursday with a shark! The video was recorded by Maximo Trinidad near Corners Beach off Carlin Park.

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A paddleboard surfer from Florida spent his lunch break catching some waves in Jupiter, one of the hottest surfing spots in the Sunshine State. Jupiter, Florida also happens to have waters that are literally teeming with sharks. An encounter between this paddleboarder and a spinner shark during a.