how to go straight on paddleboard

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People message me all the time asking for advice on buying a paddle board, so I figured a blog post would be helpful. “Should I get an inflatable or a hard SUP.

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Reach forward with your paddle. It’s time to begin your stroke! Start by twisting at the torso so that your water-side shoulder shifts forward. Move the paddle forward (out of the water), then plant it in the water so that the blade of the paddle (but not much of the handle) is submerged.

If you want to go surfing with your SUP, you need a round nose board.. and pointed nose boards glide better and paddle in a straight line (track) better.

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10 tips for stand up paddle boarding beginners. Total shares:. and help with grip while you surf waves. Fins up front make for a very twitchy paddle board that just won’t go straight no matter how hard you try! 4. Paddling with your core.

How to go straight on a stand up paddle board. A key skill that will heighten your enjoyment during your first time on a paddleboard, is the ability to make your board go in a straight line. This video shows three different techniques that will help with this.

Shorter boards will not track (go straight) very well, and as such, it takes longer to. The next progression to stand up paddleboards is the Hybrid/Family SUP.

04 How to go straight on a SUP. Keep your head lifted and focus on where you want to go, not on the nose of the SUP or your feet. Keep your knees a little bent and your back straight. Place the paddle in the water towards the front of the board pull it back towards your feet.

Sweep Stroke. Sweep the paddle away from the board in a big arcing motion from the nose of the board to the tail by rotating your torso and using the leverage of your legs and hips. Doing the sweep stroke on the right side of your board will turn the board to the left and vice versa.

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