how to carry a paddleboard on a car

This is an simple and easy way to strap one or several surf or SUP boards to the top of a car that does not have hard racks using foam pads and two straps. The foam blocks are available at: www.

So, what can all you paddle boarders out there do to make sure you’re staying safe on the water? spokane fire chief Brian Schaeffer says it’s important to wear a life jacket and carry a whistle when.

The roof of your rental car will not get damaged or scratched if you follow our instructions, the roof racks will cover the roof. Key thing is when you are done paddling, carry the wet board right to the car or lean it against at tree, don’t throw the wet board in the sand as the sand will stick to it.

Taking the time to learn paddle strokes and techniques to get out of sticky. in the canoe and having dry clothes waiting in the car for when you are finished. “Carry a whistle and a light to signal.

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In this video, you can see that this person used a standard car trailer and then made the framework of a paddle board-holding compartment: The good thing about using a trailer for your car is that it can carry a lot of boards, and it doesn’t have to be a huge trailer (a small one will suffice).

Thule and Yakima are companies that manufacture racks and carriers to carry pretty much any sports equipment on just about any car. The following video will get you on your way to investigate your options: Sup car rack brands. BRAND: Thule. The Thule SUP Taxi is an accessory to be added to a car rack.

The best backpacking game is the one you don’t have to carry. Save the card. or cord to mark out a court Grab a paddle to access quiet coves, mirror lakes, or exhilarating rapids. Best part: You.

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Lean the board against the side of the car with the deck facing you and the fin at the front of the car. Grab the handle with one hand and the upper edge of the SUP in the other. Lift the board onto your knee and grab the other edge with the hand that was on the handle. Lift the board over your head.