great whites circling paddleboarders in ca

Being surrounded by sharks is truly terrifying, however, these paddleboarders remained calm when a group of great white sharks swims around them. They even managed to film the whole experience. Courtney Hemerick and Joseph Truckles have recorded a frightening yet fascinating moment of their life.

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They use Southern California waters as a nursery to raise their pups because. So how is Fallows able to paddleboard safely with great whites.

SCARY! 15 great white sharks filmed circling paddle-boarders in California. a sheriff’s helicopter crew warned a group of paddle-boarders to get out of the ocean after spotting 15 great white.

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A photographer’s drone filmed a group of great white sharks circling seemingly oblivious surfers in Orange County, California. Matt Larmand was using the remote flier on Wednesday to film a group.

The captain has seen at least four great whites in the waters nearby, he reports.. “People are seeing more and more white sharks there,” Chris Lowe of California State. want to stand-up paddleboard near whales, but white sharks are the. From the air, Mailander's drone is circling a dorsal fin, capturing.

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California Helicopter Warns People to ‘Calmly’ Exit Water: ‘You Are Paddle-Boarding Next to Approximately 15 Great White Sharks’ May 11, 2017 Video has captured the moment a group of paddle-boarders were warned to get out of the ocean in California after 15.

In a moment that seemed like out of a scary movie, a sheriff’s helicopter crew warned a group of paddle-boarders to get out of the ocean after spotting 15 great white sharks along the southern california coast. The area beaches were not closed but put under shark advisory instead, Shark sightings are not uncommon in California, but attacks are rare.

A great white shark was hovering in the ocean as two clueless paddle boarders passed directly over the monster shark. They had no idea what was under the water just a few feet below them.

After a chilling sighting Wednesday, a Southern California sheriff’s deputy warned people from a helicopter to get out of the water because "you are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks."

A viral video of 15 sharks circling near paddle-boarders in California hides a bigger problem. Erin Brodwin. The video opens with a close-up shot of a great white shark swimming solo in a.