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Corran left Riot in 2004 and to start his paddleboarding business Imagine Eco, which he in turn sold in 2012 to By the end of 2012 he’d started his latest venture corran paddleboards, which has grown.

We have capitalized on the illustrious design career of Corran Addison, who throughout his years as paddler, surfer, snowboarder, designer and Our snowboard designs and construction materials are as unique as our kayaks, as are our paddle boards.

Corran Descy Addison (given birth to Feb 6, 1969 in South Africa) and it is a slalom canoeist, whitewater The brand pioneered paddleboards for make use of in whitewater, and centered on.

Corran Addison at the Southern California Headquarters for Imagine Surf holding an imagine sup model. san clemente, California – Corran founded Imagine Surf in January of 2002 in Montreal Quebec. It started as a surfboard manufacturing company.

Now, Corran Addison Paddleboards are here to change all of that with their newly designed three-piece board that packs into a roller case for easy transport and storage. Introducing The Hydra, Addison’s newest innovation.

Paddling Near Me. paddling locations Map. In 1989 Corran Addison ran 85 foot high Looking Glass Falls in North Carolina in a borrowed fiberglass kayak, wearing a Batman costume (I guess it was a slow day).

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Corran Addison. This is a little twist on our normal tail skeg that we put on our paddleboards, so I can lift it out of the water manually if small amounts of reed or grass get caught in the fin and its not.

I’m not worried, though, as I drive to meet Jason Starr of Colchester for a stand-up paddling (SUP, also known as stand-up paddle surfing, or stand-up paddleboarding) demo at Burlington’s Oakledge.

Corran Descy Addison and is a slalom canoeist, whitewater kayaker, surfer and surfboard designer. He is now based in San.

Corran Addison is raising funds for Take Apart Paddleboard on Kickstarter! Produce a paddleboard that can be broken down for storage and.

Corran Addison has spent alot of time paddling in and on white water rivers. And he has had his fare share of white water accidents too In this video Corran explains all about the whitewater SUP safety leash that he uses. It looks like a really well thought out product.