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To help you with choosing the right Surf SUP, in the final installment of our How to Buy an SUP series, Jason from Carolina Paddleboard Co in Wilmington, NC shares a few great SUP buying tips for surf-style stand up paddleboards. When you choose your first stand up paddle board for surfing, you will want to look at the type of stand up surfing you’ll be doing.

The stand-up paddleboard world is heavy with terminology, so we’ll start by explaining some of the lingo. SUP is an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboard. This is also often shorted to paddle board. A "paddleboard" can also just be a longboard used for prone paddling across flat water. This is commonly.

Choose the next size up: medium, which ranges between nine and 12 feet in length. These boards are perfect for the calm paddleboard participant, who prefers calm lakes and little surf in their outdoor adventures. Then, Consider the Width of Your Board for Stability You’ll want to start with a board based on stability above all else.

Each SUP has a "weight capacity" rating to help paddlers choose the right size. It’s rarely a good idea to choose a SUP whose weight capacity is the same as the paddler’s want there to be some cushion because more buoyancy translates to more control. SUP Width. Perhaps the most important dimension is the width.

New paddlers should first choose a board with more volume until they get used to the sport and then downsize from there. One thing to note is that bigger boards are typically less responsive in the water. Meaning it will not turn as quickly as a lesser smaller wave board.

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Some great tips on how to choose the first Stand Up Paddleboard when you are getting started. Kevin Fung, the shop manager goes over all the things to consider before buying a SUP.

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