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River Canyon Adventure Kayak and Paddle Board Rentals are a great way to experience the BEST views in town! Located in the Tennessee River Gorge in Chattanooga, TN, you will paddle along the abundant wildlife and be encompassed by magnificent mountain ranges!

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The canyon is only accessible from the river on SUP boards (Stand Up Paddleboards). The experience begins with a short briefing, after which you can explore the river independently, enjoying the spectacle of sparkling water springing from the canyon walls and breath-taking views.

If you can stand up on the board and use an oar, paddleboards are for you.. Dogwood Canyon Horseback Riding Little Indian Stables at Dogwood Canyon.

Antelope Canyon is world-renowned for it’s incredible slot canyon, but few have seen it from the water. We paddle from the Antelope point boat ramp into the canyon where you will be floating in a deep canyon with beautiful red cliffs surrounding you. We offer 2 morning kayak or paddleboard tours, and 1 afternoon kayak tour.

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Paddle the Grand Canyon A Grand Canyon paddle rafting trip is the ultimate way for you to participate in traversing the Canyon. Six paddlers power the boat and a guide steers from the stern, definitely a team effort. The self-bailing paddle boat is smaller than the oar boats providing quick response and an unmatched ride.

live to fish paddleboard The LIVE Watersports "L2Fish" combines the best of both worlds, you get the speed of a racing board with the ultimate stability of a dedicated fishing SUP. The L2Fish is fast, stable, and versatile allowing you to not only fish from it but dive, hunt, and anything else you can think of.

From ski boats to kayaks to paddleboards, you can rent it in the Highland. Canyon of the Eagles resort, 16942 RR 2341 on northern Lake.

Lake Powell Paddleboards has you covered for both boards, kayaks, life jackets and detailed canyon maps. A paddleboard was roughly $40 for the day and kayak $30, with the option of renting for multiple days if you are a hard-core adventurer looking to camp on Antelope Island.

Whether you want to have a picnic and paddle board at Butcher Jones Beach recreational area (saguaro Lake) or launch your kayak at Canyon Lake and paddle off into a secluded coves like "Boulder" at Canyon Lake we can give you suggestions on something fun. Apache Lake has many great coves to go paddle boarding and kayaking in as well.